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Stories and inspiration to empower women to embrace their authentic selves (no matter how messy), reframe their perspective, discover new ways to manage their emotional and mental health, and refocus their lives for greater meaning.

FACT: You deserve a DOPE AF Life.

Let’s focus on what we truly care about.

We’re building a community of supportive, authentic women who want to level up their lives with like-minded self-healing sistahs πŸ’ͺ

I’m dedicated to showing women how powerful they are.

I believe you have the invaluable brain power, ingenuity, creativity, and talent needed to make a HUGE impact on the world for the better –– and I want to help you see that in yourself, too.

The world is ready for you to rise and lead with courage. So I want to help you cultivate the self-confidence, self-assuredness, self-awareness, and inner peace needed so you can heal, preserve your energy, and kick ass in the world. Let’s heal what’s holding you back and start living for what matters most. It’s time we crush our limiting beliefs and self-doubts.Β  No more second-guessing our decisions. No more people-pleasing.Β 

You deserve a kickass life. You are good enough. You are smart enough. 

The world deserves your brand of magic, Snuggles.

That’s right, I called you Snuggles.

What’s to Come


Featuring real-life stories from real women about pivotal moments that changed their lives for the better.

We’ll be discussing the emotional and mental journey that we all endure, that allows us to shift our mindset and grow into our own definition of success. Your ideal self.


A space to share your thoughts on any episode AND have the support of a compassionate community of like-minded women.

All women are welcome to this private Facebook community, including non-binary, trans-women, and gender-fluid folks. This space will be inclusive and tolerant of all individuals’ experiences.


A variety of mini-courses and goodies, designed to help guide you in your self-healing journey.

Additional information of courses will be coming soon!

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