Who’s Theresa Stroll?

I’m a single woman with no children and no pets, but I AM a strong AF woman who went from breakdown to break up to unbreakable –– all within 6 months.

Between November ’19 and April ’20, I had a breakdown, was hospitalized for 72 hours, gave a TEDx, left my husband, moved out, moved back, got back with my husband, closed my business, got a job, COVID occurred, lost the job, my marriage offish fell apart, I turned 30 (!!!), and that’s not even the full story!

I’m sharing stories from how I healed after a breakdown. I’ll be walking you through how I change my perspective, confronted what’s keeping me stuck, and found my happy, healthy, badass life 💪

I hope you’ll join the heartfelt fun and wild rollercoaster that is my life. See you soon!

Love you, Pancake! (Yes, I’m calling you Pancake cause it’s endearing.)

Sun’s up, thumbs up!