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Trying to Stick to a Schedule with ADHD (video)

I’ve already fudged up, y’all.

Personal growth is a process and a journey.

I’ve been trying to stick to a schedule since starting this blog but hot dang, personal growth is not linear!

It’s like every time I pick up a new skill, I’ve realized I’ve dropped the ball on something else. That never really ends, I’ve come to realize. Currently, I’m working on improving my self-discipline, as well as my integrity. Admittedly, I was very myopic when I was younger. I suppose I still am, especially given the self-centered nature of my work. Yet, I think that’s necessary for this kind of work: using one’s own life as an anecdote to promote expanded self-awareness in others. We all compare ourselves to others, right? Even if we know we’re not supposed to do that, we learn who we are by how we are different and similar to others. My work is kind of voyeuristic, I’m intentionally too open with the hope it will inspire others to feel more comfortable when approaching personal development.

UGH! Speaking of things I need to work on, staying on point and not tangeting so much. This is what I have to work with, folks. 😂

Check out the video below for how I’ve been trying to stick to a schedule and what I’m doing about it.

Please enjoy the rollercoaster that is my personal growth.

Your happiest trainwreck to observe from your quiet corner of the ‘net.

-T. Stroll

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